Stress Relief Supplements

Most of the people always live in constant stress due to their lifestyle, work pressure or finance tensions. Everyone will feel affected from stress from time to time but if you are under the influence of stress all the time, then it is time to take some serious actions. Even though there are several ways to beat stress, many would not like to go in that way as it may involve doing exercise, alter their food habits etc. Even though the best way to beat the stress is to beat it in a natural way without using any kind off medication, some may feel that medication or using supplements is the ideal method to beat stress. In this article, we are going to take a look at supplements that can help you in beating stress.


Rhodiola also called as “adaptogen” in medical circles is generally known to fight against the mental and physical stress. It is basically a plant that is largely found in arctic regions and has been used for a long time to enhance your mood levels, increase your energy and to beat the stress. It also helps in reducing fatigue to a great extent as fatigue is also one factor that can lead to stress.


Ashwagandha is generally used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for stress reduction purposes. It is a type of plant and the right from the seeds to the roots, the entire plant is found to have many medicinal properties. Even though it provides a lot of benefits, one of the most important aspect of this plant is to help people in reducing stress to a great extent. According to a recent study, taking Ashwagandha can largely reduce your stress levels of upto 45%-55%.

Valerian Root

Another great supplement for come out of stress is using supplements made using valerian root. Valerian root, as the name suggest is a perennial plant that is largely found in Europe. It has been used for a long time to treat nervousness, anxiety disorders and to enhance your sleep patterns as well. Many studies and researches have revealed the evidence of valerian root proving to be reducing stress to a great extent. It comes with a slight sedative effect that could provide you with a good sleep without any disturbances. And a good night sleep can reduce stress a lot and having these supplements don’t cause any side-effects as well.


Bacopa monnieri is basically a perennial herb similar to the valerian root that comes with a lot of stress reducing advantages. For centuries, Bacopa has been used in the Indian subcontinent to increase the concentration levels, stress reduction and also to enhance your mood levels as well. It also helps in boosting your memory and also enhances your learning capability as well. Many studies have found that Bacopa is found to possess remarkable levels of stress reduction features as it largely reduces the Cortisol levels in your blood. As cortisol is the hormone that is mainly responsible for stimulating your stress levels.



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