Stress relief for women

Beating stress is not only good for your sanity, but also plays a vital role in keeping up with a good physical health. According to many studies, stress has been either directly or indirectly linked to many major diseases including cancer, depression and heart diseases. When you work non-stop for a whole day without taking much rest, it certainly takes a toll on your body. But if you practice to have a vacation mentality and use it in your day to day work life, then you can easily beat stress to a great extent.

Challenges are everywhere in our life including our families, workplace, health and finance. And stress can be divided into mainly two categories namely short term and long-term or chronic stress. If you have a short term stress mainly caused due to a long day at work. But chronic stress is a serious issues and need to be consulted with a certified doctor. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ways to beat stress for women.


Better write it out

It is often a great thing to free your mind and list down all the tasks and appointments you have for the day on a sheet of paper. By listing your daily activities, you are helping yourself to organize all kinds of chaotic and messy and unconnected tasks into a single to-do list for the day or for a week. And when you complete each and every task, ensure to strike it out from the list which provides you with a sense of achievement. Even list out the tasks that you feel are more stressful and better throw them away of burn it.

Stress Free Foods

When you feel stressed out and feeling out of the ordinary it is always better to go for stress free foods like caffeine and alcohol. Eating these foods may increase your stress to a great extent. Even packed and processed foods can exaggerate the stress to some extent. Even though coffee and alcohol may provide with a feeling of instant calmness, it can’t last long enough.



Better Sleep

Sleep is one of most important factors that can reduce your stress to a great extent. Ensure your bedroom is comfy enough and dark enough to provide for a good night’s sleep. Never take your mobile phones and laptops to your bedroom or avoid using the mobile phones to check for last minute emails or WhatsApp messages before you go to sleep as it may take more time than you intend and may affect your sleeping hours. A good night’s sleep provides you with fresh and energetic feel the next morning and keeps you active the whole day.

Take It Outside

When it comes to best the antidepressant, noting can beat mother nature as exposure to sunlight largely helps in increasing your mood to a positive intent due to the secretion of a chemical called serotonin. Many studies have shown that spending quality time outdoors help in reducing the stress levels.

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