What happens when you stop smoking?

Healthy Lung and Smokers Lung
Healthy Lung and Smokers Lung. 3D render

Smoking is probably one of the nastiest habit of modern world. Last couple of years people are trying to live healthier, cleaner, and do everything to maintain a healthy life style.Every year people make promises that they will stop smoking – But did you ever ask yourself starts happening when you STOP smoking. Some benefits are noticeable almost right away, while others vary from couple of days to even years.


Up ahead I have written some of the benefits what happens when you stop smoking – Long life benefits of not smoking are of course amazing. Some even say that smokers have around 10 years shorter life span than non-smoker, and well in my book that was a good enough reason why you should quit smoking.


So, what happens when you stop smoking? ….


… after 20 minutes

Hearth rate and blood pressure start normalizing


… after 12 hours

The level of carbon monoxide, which is dangerous in large quantities – decreases.

Carbon monoxide binds to red blood cells and thus prevents oxygen binding. The result is an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease-


… after 24 hours

Risk for getting a heart attacks starts begins to decline considerably (Smokers have as much as 70 percent more risk of having a heart attack)


…after 48 hours

Your never endings begin to regenerate. Your taste and smell start to improve.


…after 3 days

If you make it this far CONGRATULATION – After 72hours, nicotine is eliminated from your body.

Unwelcome news: There are often physical and psychological symptoms of stopping smoking. Don’t worry they disappear quite fast – just hold on.

Also, worth noticing is that after 72hours the bronchi wall start getting relaxed and your breathing becomes easier.


… after 2 weeks

Your body starts regenerating process. Your veins start getting increased blood flow, and your lung function improves.


… after 9 months

Cough and difficulty breathing completely disappear. Cilia – a small organ in the lungs that pushes mucus from the lungs, begins to regenerate. The result is a reduced risk of developing infectious diseases.


… after 1 year

After 1 year without a cigarette you can celebrate. All the risk facts you had before are around 50 less likely to happen. You should reward yourself with a cigarette (just kidding DO NOT do it)



… after 5 years

what happens when you stop smoking

The risk for getting any form of cigarette related cancer (mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder or cervical cancer) is the same as for non-smokers.

The risk of heart attack is the same as for non-smokers


… 10+ years

You did it. I know it was painful, bet you wanted to light a cigarette occasionally. But hey good news. Your body regenerated. You are the same as if you would have never smoked in your life.

Yes, it takes a decade or more for your body to completely recover from all the poison you were putting in your body.


If you are a smoker and want to stop smoking, I guessed you do it now – before it’s too late.


Tip for the end –  Clean eating and exercise greatly improve yours body recovery.

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