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Military diet is one of the world’s most popular diet plans, at the moment. The diet plan promised to help you reduce 4.5 kg/ 10 pounds in a single week.

The reason behind its popularity are the effective results promised by the diet. Another added bonus is that the military diet is free, and does not require you to purchase any book, or supplement. The diet plan itself is simple, and you will most probably find the food items required in your kitchen. Many still question if the diet really does work, and if it is something that should be tested. Which is why we have decided to offer you a the complete insight on the military diet plan, along with the diet plan itself.

military diey what is

What Is the Military Diet?

It is a three-day diet plan that allows you to reduce 10 pounds in a single week. The diet plan offers a three-day diet routine, followed by a 4 day maintenance period. In those 4 days you will only be allowed to intake 1500 calories per day. Some claim that the diet was designed specifically for the US military officers. As the government wanted to help them stay in perfect shape. Truth is, the diet was not designed for the military. Furthermore, it goes by many several names such as, the ice cream diet, army diet, and even the navy diet. However, the diet plan offers a low-calorie intake. Which allows followers to help reduce weight up to 10 pounds in a single week.

What are the advantages of a Military Diet?

The military diet plan offers a number of advantages when compared to other diet plans, such as:

● The first advantage is a huge one, as there are only three days of actual dieting. Ensuring that you won’t be bound for a long period of time. This is a huge advantage for many, as they do not wish to take on a strict diet plan for more than a week.

● The diet is inexpensive, and will barely cost you anything. There is no club you need to join, you do not have to buy and read an entire book, and there are definitely no supplements. The diet plan includes foods that can be easily found in most kitchens.

● The diet plan offers a variety of food. So instead of sticking to the boring boiled/grilled proteins. You can indulge yourself in a variety of delicious food in small portions.

● The food is easy to prepare, and will only take you 5 or 10 minutes at max. This will be gathering all the items and preparing the meal. Most items can be eaten as they aren’t, and there is little cooking and preparation involved.

● You will be able to lose weight if you follow the diet plan to the letter. However, how much weight you will lose depends on your body type, and the kind of food you eat once the initial 3 days are over.


Military Diet MENU

Note : Below the menu I have writen substitues if you want a gluten free or meat free menu.


military diet 3 day

How does the Military Diet Work?

There have been many questions on how the military diet works, and here we have listed down the three main reasons why the military diet works.

1. The Military diet is a low-calorie diet plan. It is designed to help you reduce weight significantly in a short period of time. According to nutrition professor Marion Nestle an average man burns 3050 calories per day automatically. On the other hand, an average woman burns 2’400 calories per day without any exercise. So when you start following the Military diet, you will intake approximately 1000 calories per day. This will naturally ensure that you reduce weight. Keeping in mind that a single pound of fat contains 3500 calories. In order, to gain a single pound you must eat 3500 calories more than what your body naturally burns. Similarly, to lose a pound, you must burn 3500 calories more than your daily intake. The diet plan works, as you are only allowed to eat less than what your body is already burning for three days in a row.

2. Any diet plan that requires you to eat less than or 1000 calories per day, is considered a form of intermittent fasting. Scientifically speaking, fasting changes the way your body works entirely, and start by lowering IGF-1 levels in your body.

These lower rates are a huge advantage for two reasons:
a. It helps you reduce the risk of diabetes
b. It helps in increasing longevity
Furthermore, with lower IGF-1 levels your body automatically switches your system into repair mode. This process turns your body into a fat burning machine. Many people believe that such diet plans reduce the body metabolism rate. However, according to a research study by Dr. Varady, where two groups of people were asked to fast on alternate days for a time period of 10 weeks. During their days “off” one group was asked to intake a diet similar to the 4 to 7 day diet plan of the military diet, and the other group was asked to follow a full fatty food diet plan on their days off. The results showed that people who followed the fully fatty food plan were losing similar amount of weight, and sometimes even more. Which provided that fasting is a healthy way to reduce weight, and does not lower body metabolism rate when followed in a precise manner. Furthermore, as during fasting your body is in repair mode, it ensures that your body metabolism rate is higher.

3. The third and final reason why the military diet plan works is because: you kick-start your diet with foods that will help boost your metabolism. Once your metabolism rate is boosted, your body will start to burn fat faster. Think of it this way, on the first day of your diet, you start your day with a cup of coffee. Caffeine is known to slightly raise your metabolism, and will help burn fat. The morning cup of coffee you have will help you to burn fat for the next 2 hours. The second thing you eat will be a grapefruit, well known to help you liver start working and help burn more fat.

The remaining foods are proteins, such as tuna, peanut butter, and eggs, which requires your body to put in more energy to burn. This results in the body using fat to help digest these foods. Furthermore, studies have shown that fat cells that contain calcium help in burning more fat. As the Military diet includes ice-cream and cottage cheese, you will have enough source of calcium to help your body burn more fat with the help of calcium. Moreover, apples contain a higher number of pectin, this is an ingredient that helps limit the amount of fat the cells in your body can absorb. Now, the only foods left in the Military diet plan are veggies, which have a low-level of calories, and the carb intake also kept to a minimum level.

Who Should follow the Military diet plan?

Anyone who is mentally and physically fit can follow the military diet plan. Meaning, if your physician has deemed you fit and healthy, you should go ahead with the Military diet plan. However, people who suffer from serious medical conditions, diabetes, are breastfeeding or pregnant, and have a history of eating disorder are not advised to follow this diet plan.

military diet discipline

Military diet substitutions

It does not matter if you are a meat lover of a vegan, or even someone who prefers gluten-free foods, or foods with low-salt. Here is what you can swap from the military diet meal plan, and follow it to achieve the same results.

● Vegans and Vegetarians – if you are a vegetarian you can easily swap meaty items. For instance, tuna, meat, eggs, and hot dogs with lentils, soy/tofu dogs, tofu, and nuts instead. If you are a vegan you can switch cheddar cheese with tofu/nut cheese, and vegan cottage cheese and soy ice-cream.

● Gluten free: every item on the meal plan that contains gluten can be swapped. Such as, crackers or toast, you can go with a gluten-free option easily available in most super markets.

● Low Salt: if you follow a low salty diet, you can still follow the military diet plan. Simply, by getting low salt versions of all the food items listed on the menu. You can even switch saltines with rice cakes, or Melba toast with low salt.

Bottom line

If you are serious about losing weight and have decided to go with the military diet plan. You must keep in mind that you will be required to maintain the weight you have lost. As there is a level of dedication required for people who wish to lose a lot of weight. There is a waiting period after each week, which should be followed to ensure that your health status remains intact.



After 3 day military diet


military diet - What next

After the military diet, you should have a 4 day low carb diet that should involve 1500 calories per day .

Exercise during and after military diet greatly increases results





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